Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing on TLC

Don't forget to watch/or set your DVR for 9:00 on TLC to watch the Extreme Couponing Show!!  I do enjoy watching this show, even though I think some of the couponers are a bit "extreme"!!   I have never scored a $600.00 grocery bill for $6.00, but I have saved between 90-99%  and I know what a rush that is!!    So, who is going to watch the show tonight???


Anonymous said...

I have it ready on DVR...I want to become one of those hard core coupon ladys :)

RiKi said...

Watched it....felt their high but, think they are WAY to extreem. I love couponing but hate when people clear the shelves!!! I never just clear the shelves, I want others to get the same joy I do when getting a really good deal!!!