Monday, April 11, 2011

Rolling my Walgreen's Register Rewards

So last week I showed you how to shop at Walgreens, and learn about their Register Rewards.  At the end of my transactions I ended up with a $4.00 Register Reward.  Today, I am going to show you how to take that $4.00 RR and roll it on some deals for this week!

I purchased the following:

1 Luster Premium White Toothpaste = $4.99 - get a $4.00 RR
1 Carefree product - $0.99 - get a $1.00 RR
2 packs of Trident Vitalty Gum - $2.00
2 packs of plastic spoons - 2/$0.99
7 Snickers Eggs - $2.03
Total Cost - $11.00 plus tax

I use the following coupons in this order:

the $4.00 Register Reward from last weeks purchases
1 - $1.50/1 coupon for the toothpaste
1 - $0.50/1 coupon for the Carefree
1 - bogo Trident coupon
1 - $2.00/2 printable for the Snickers Eggs.
use the $0.50/2 Walgreens coupon found in the April coupon booklet.
Total oop - $1.00, plus $0.47 tax,
Plus I got a $4.00 Register Reward back from the toothpaste and a $1.00 Register Reward back from the Carefree! 

We now have $5.00 in Register Rewards to spend next week!  I may go back and do a few more deals this week!  I will post them if I do! 

Remember, these are the deals that suit my families needs!  Go here to see all of the great Walgreen deals and tweek your shopping trip to fit your needs!


Robin L said...

Just wondering, why do you give the RR first? Is it because of tax?

Ginger said...

Yes, that is the reason.