Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Inserts for April 17th

WOW, there are FOUR inserts in the Columbus Dispatch today!!  2 SmartSource and 2 RedPlum!  There are some excellent coupons in these papers so you may want to pick up a few extra if you can!!!

Enjoy this wonderful Lord's Day!!


Anonymous said...

I bought the Columbus Dispatch today and it was missing both Smart Source inserts. I returned to where I bought it and looked through the other papers with the manager on duty. All the papers there were missing Smart Source inserts some papers didn't even have the Redplum inserts. Has anyone else had the same issue? If so what can I do to make sure I am getting all coupon inserts?

Ginger said...

I understand your frustration, awhile ago, (for about 2 months) my papers were missing the smartsource. (I have my papers delivered to my house.) So when I called the Dispatch, they said they put the inserts in the papers until they run out, and that is what you get. I would try to buy them from somewhere else if you can. Do you buy your papers at the same place, or is this a one time problem?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. I started using coupons last Sunday. I bought both the 4/10 and the 4/17 Dispatch at the same store close by my house for $2 each. Neither paper had Smartsource inserts. I did not know anything was missing until I saw your post and realized I had been duped.I only bought the Dispatch for the coupon inserts.I plan on getting the paper delivered again now that I coupon (fingers crossed i get smartsource). Also I will check the paper before I buy again at another store.