Monday, May 9, 2011

Aldi's ad for May 8th - May 14th

I know I don't usually say much about Aldi's, but I have been checking out their ad, and I am   amazed how cheap their produce is.   Did you know that a new Aldi's is being built in Ontario, Ohio?   It will be located right in front of where the Flower Factory was, beside Cheddars! I never shop much at Aldi's because it was out of my way, but now that it is near Meijer, I will probably shop there more!!

Aldi Brand Milk - Friendly Farms - $1.99 a gallon

Little Salad Bar, Spring Mix or Butter Lettuce 5 oz bag - $0.99

Grape Tomatoes - $0.99

Young Cucumbers - $0.25 ea. ($0.75 per 3 pack)
Whole White Mushrooms - 8 oz pack - $0.69 ea.

I would love to hear from some of you who do frequent Aldi's. Do you like their produce? Let me know!!


Robin L said...

I shop at Aldi all the time, mostly for fruit and vege's. I always get good produce there. I also buy fresh meat, frozen shrimp and Salmon. The seafood is half the price of Meijer or Kroger. Also they have take and bake pizza that is really good. This is also one of the best places to get spices and vanilla extract cheap. I don't care for their oatmeal or cereal bars but the girls like their cereal.

Just don't go at the beginning of the month if you are in a hurry because they are usually packed and it takes a very long time to checkout. Also bring your own bags and a quarter for a cart, you get the quarter back when you return the cart.

Snicol said...

So excited about this! Use to go all the time to the one in ashland cauz it's so much nicer than the one on 4th St. Got tons of stuff there! Quit goin as gas has gotten more expensive. Will definitely start shopping there again!

Ginger said...

Thanks for all of the Info Robin!!

Sarah, I am excited about it too!! I plan to start getting all of my produce and baking goods there!

Rachel J said...

I shop at Aldi every week and I love it. You truly can get a cart full of groceries for a fraction of what you pay at Meijer/Kroger. However, I have found the produce to be hit-or-miss. Just be sure to look it over carefully. Also, there are some staples that we do not notice a different at all in terms of quality. And the animal crackers are the best we've ever had! Other things (like Robin mentioned the cereal bars) you have to experiment and be willing to see what your family likes. There are some things you can tell and others you can't.

raquel j. said...

i shop aldi's all the time. it is one of the best places to get produce at such an inexpensive price. we purchase just about everything we need there unless we find a sale that offers lower prices. as we make our way around the store we look for empty boxes so we don't need bags. right now they also have plants and gardening supplies and good prices. the only product i personally do not like is cheese that is comparable to velvetta or the con quesa dip in a jar. it doesnt melt as well. raquel j