Friday, June 17, 2011

Dynomite Doritos Deal at Meijer!!! Hurry, ends Saturday, June 18th!!

(yes, I know I spelled Dynomite wrong... I was playing on the words!!  LOL)   Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th ONLY, there is a Dorito deal that you don't want to miss!!!  I just came back from Meijer, and this worked perfectly!!!  Here is how it goes.........

Buy 3 Doritos at $1.99 ea = $5.97
GET $3.00 off instantly!!!!
Total oop - $2.97 for 3 bags of Doritos!!!

I bought 3 regular in 1 transaction, then I bought 3 Cool Ranch in another transaction and it worked for both kinds!!

Thanks Missy H. for the heads up!!!


Courtney said...

Ginger- I mixed it up with flavors as well and it worked. I got the sweet chili, cool ranch, nacho cheese, taco, spicy nacho! :)

Ginger said...

Oh good!! I was trying to figure out a way to get ahold of you since I knew you were there to tell you about the Doritos!! I am glad you knew!!

Missy said...

Ginger, thanks for going out and trying it. I couldn't wait until tomorrow...made a 9:30 run tonight!LOL
What a deal!

Ginger said...

Ha Ha Missy!! Charmin said she went out there too!! Well, at least that is 1 less thing you have to do tomorrow!! LOL

Kristy said...

I bought six bags kids are happy!!