Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Inserts for June 26th

There are 2 inserts in the Columbus Dispatch today!  1 SmartSource and 1 Redplum!  Also, in the USA Weekend (which is also in the Col. Dispatch) has a b1g1 FREE coupon for a 2 pc. Kentucky Grilled Recipe $5.00 Everyday meal!  Happy shopping everyone!!!


C LaVigne said...

I was really disappointed when I went and bought several newspapers from the gas station and there was no SmartSource:(, called the Columbus Dispatch and she basically said "sorry about your luck since you don't subscribe to home delivery"

Ginger said...

That is really sad. I would call the gas station to see if you could return the papers. Unfortunately, I hear this story all of the time. HOW SAD that someone has to steal the inserts out of the paper. I wouldn't buy the paper until I check to see if the inserts are in there.