Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate to keep apologizing, but.....

.....I feel like I need to apologize!!!   I have been out of "blogging"  for a little while due to my life just being busy.  This is my first year with all 3 of my kids involved in sports, and my son is playing for 2 different teams, so my "taxi" is going full blast running them to practices and games!!  My "senior" daughter (sniff, sniff) and youngest daughter play volleyball and my son plays soccer!  I am definitely one of those proud moms!!    Then, my  mom had complete shoulder replacement surgery, and I have been busy helping her with different things that she can not do while she is healing!   She is in a lot of pain, but we know that she will recover nicely from this surgery! 

I really didn't expect to be gone from my blog this long, and  NOW, I am ready to get back on track.  I am truly thankful for my faithful readers and thank you for understanding!!

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