Friday, September 16, 2011

Meijer ad "sneak peek" for next week Sept. 18th - Sept. 24th

Go here to view the Meijer ad for next week, Sept. 19th - Sept. 24.  I will be working on the match-ups and will post them as soon as I can!!


Jamie said...

Thanks! Looks like there will be some good match ups.

I wish I would have held onto my purex q's. On sale $2.99 - $2.00 = .99 I used mine this week on the larger bottle (100 loads) that was on sale for $6.99. Oh well.

I DID hang onto my $1 of one Dig. Pizza q's though and now it looks like you get a free edy's ice cream when you buy 2 dig. pizzas. :) sounds good to me.

Oh and one other heads up. There are tearpads at the deli counter for Jennie o turkey. $1 off a pound or more of deli turkey or chicken breast. Looks like they will have that turkey on sale with the ad for $5.99

The ground beef price looks pretty good too at $2.49 BUT if you live close to Galion, Charlie's Market has the family packs of the 80-20 on sale for $1.99, limit 2.

Jamie said...

The Charlies sale ends tomorrow!