Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$2.00/1 Digiorno Pizza printable!

Take the, very simple, "Ditch the Delivery" challenge on Digiorno's facebook page and get a $2.00/1 printable!!   Just a warning.....I struggled to print this coupon yesterday, so I changed my browser to Internet explorer and it printed just fine.  You can print 2 per computer and it does not print with an advertisement!

Meijer has their DiGiorno Pizza & Breadsticks, Pizza & Wingz, Pizza & Cookies or Ultimate Pizza for $5.99.  With the above coupon, we will only pay $3.99!!  Excellent deal!!!   So, are you a breadstick, wingz, cookies or ultimate kinda person????

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robin l said...

We get ours at Sam's. You get 2 pizzas, 10 breadsticks and a dozen cookies for 10.00. Pretty good deal and we usually only eat one pizza so we save the second one for some other time.