Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Groupon - The Columbus Dispatch Deal!!

Right now, Groupon is running a Columbus Dispatch Deal.  I highly recommend this paper because of its coupon inserts that come in the Sunday paper!  Here is how the deal goes.....

 You can choose a 26 week subscription (Sunday only) for $39.00 - that is a savings of 51% off the regular newsstand price, or you can choose a 52 week subscription (Sunday only) for $75.00 - 52% savings.  You can only purchase 1 paper, but you can buy 2 papers as a gift to someone else!  (This deal is for new subscriptions only)

I had one hesitation about posting this deal because I worry about them not wanting to deliver here to Mansfield.  I had a friend call the Dispatch recently to have the paper deliver to her, here in Mansfield, and they refused her.  However, I have around 40 papers (for my friends and family) deliver to my house in Mansfield, every Sunday,  and I have for about 3 years now, so I am really confused why they wouldn't deliver to Mansfield.  I just want to warn you.  Let me know if you get the deal!!

(Thanks Kim C. and Tammy for the heads up!!)


Anonymous said...

I have tried two different times to get the Dispatch delived to my house here in mansfield. I was told it depends on where in mansfield you live and if theres a delivery person going to that area. I do not live where anyone delivers apparently.:-(
Julie eagle

Ginger said...

Aww bummer Julie