Tuesday, October 18, 2011

**HOT** Taco Bell money maker with catalina at Meijer!!

As you all know, Taco Bell products are 50% off this week at Meijer!  Well, the deal even gets better!  There is a catalina that will make this sale even better.  Here are the details.....

Taco Bell Home Originals
Includes Shells, Kits and Bold and Creamy Sauces
valid 10-3-2011 thru 10-30-2011
Buy 2, and receive a $1.00 catalina
Buy 3, and receive a $2.00 catalina
Buy 4, and receive a $3.00 catalina

Here are a few scenario's that you can do.......

Buy 4 - Taco Bell 12 ct. Shells @ $0.62 ea. = $2.48
Receive a $3.00 catalina to be used on your next order!!!  Its like they are free + a $0.52 money maker!!  WOOHOO!!

These Bold & Creamy sauces are also part of the catalina deal.

Buy 4 Taco Bell Bold & Creamy sauces @ $0.99 = Total oop - $3.96
Receive a $3.00 catalina to be used on your next order!  It is like only paying $0.96 for 4 bottles of Taco Bell Bold & Creamy sauces!!!

I haven't actually tried this deal myself, but one of my readers emailed me and said she got the catalina after she bought the shells.  Hopefully the 18 ct. shells count too!   I will head out to Meijer this morning and try this out to see what works and what doesn't! 

Thanks for the email Jen B.!!!

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