Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$1.00 Idaho Instant Potato coupon = FREE Instant Potatoes!!

Head on over here and print out your $1.00/1 Idaho Instant Potato coupon!!  Since these instant potatoes usually cost around a $1.00, you should be able to pick up a pack for FREE!!   But first, you have to have a little fun!!!   In order to print your coupon, you must decorate your "potato" by dragging the items given!!!  Once you are done with that, hit the "enter the contest" tab and save it to your computer.  It will then require you to enter your email, at that point, you should be able to print your coupon!  WOW, that seems like a lot to print a coupon, but hey, you get to have a little of fun while you print it!!

Here is my potato!! Ha Ha!!

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