Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ebates: All You Magazine - $0.68 an issue after cash back!

I copied this post from CouponingtoDisney!   This is an excellent deal on the All You magazine!  Check it out!!

Ebates is offering 51% cash back on Magazines.com purchases today only. There are tons of great deals, but my favorite is the 2 year subscription to All You magazine for just $16.32 after the cash back! That is just $0.68 an issue which is the lowest price we see on All You!
Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Sign up / Sign in to Ebates
  • In the search box on the left side type in Magazines.com
  • Click on their link to be redirected to their site. You will see an Ebates tracking ticket pop up.
  • Make your purchase. Just remember to NEVER close out the store’s page or you will have to start over. The cash back will not count if you leave the store’s site and return.
  • About 48 hours after your purchase the cash back will appear in your account.
  • And if you are a new Ebates customer you will get an additional $5 bonus!

If you do not get the All You Magazine, you will want to start....it is full of amazing coupons!!   I personally have never tried Ebates before, but I think I am going to try it today!!   Let me know if you try it too!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,

i subscribed to this magazine, but can you tell me, everytime i go to town on sunday the columbus dispatch is already sold out by 10 am on sunday, and they will not deliver to my area, i currently get the mansfield news journal, is there another paper you would recommend for coupons ?

thank you so much for all you do,

Ginger said...

Hi Wendy! I always recommend the Dispatch because they carry all of the inserts in it. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is another good paper, but it does not have the Red Plum insert in it. If you can, try to get there really early to get the Dispatch, or maybe ask the cashier on Sat. night if she will hold a few for you. I am not sure if they will do that, but it is worth a try.

Jamie said...

Do you get the News Journal AND the Dispatch or just the Dispatch?

I've been getting my papers at Galion Geyers and they always have a good stack of the Dispatch. They always stick them at the end of one of the registers though, not over with all the other papers (I have no idea why). I didn't think they had the Dispatch because of that, but just happened to catch them sitting there on my way out one day. So, if you live close to a Geyers you might want to check there for the Dispatch.

I think I will subscribe to the All You magazine as well. The coupons inside will more than pay for the subscription at that .68 price per issue!

Ginger said...

I get the News Journal and the Dispatch, but I only get the News Journal for the advertisements. I don't think the coupons are very good in the NJ.

Jamie said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

ok thank you both, i acutally do live not far from a geyers, i will def. try that :)

thank you