Saturday, January 7, 2012

$4.00 off $4.00 purchase with Digital Coupon + Cheap Tide at Kroger!!

Kroger will give you $4.00 off your order with a digital coupon when you email 4 friends about this P&G deal!   Here is how it works.......

1.  Go here and chose any P&G coupon to add to your card.

2.  Once you add coupons to your card, a screen will appear and require you to tell 4 friends about this deal by email.

3.  Submit your 4 friend's emails and your $4.00 digital coupon will go on your account!!

NOW, here is a way to get really cheap Tide detergent!

Kroger is running a Proctor and Gamble promotion this week and next.  Buy 4 P&G products, get $4.00 off instantly.

Buy 4 Tide detergents @ $5.99 ea. = $23.96
- $4.00 instantly for P&G promotion = $19.96
use 4 - $2.00/1 coupon from 9-1-11 P&G = $11.96
(or there is a $2.00 digital Tide coupon - use 3 paper Tide coupons and 1 digital coupon)
- $4.00 digital coupon from the "tell 4 friends" deal
Total cost - $7.96  or  $1.99 ea. wyb4!!  - That is a great price for Tide!!!


Anonymous said...

Thought you couldn't use digital coupons with paper coupons

Ginger said...

you cannot stack digital and paper coupons, but you can use 3 paper coupons and 1 digital coupon to do the tide deal. I was just letting you all know there was a digital coupon available too! I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting the prompt to email friends about the P&G promotion. Is it too late to get the $4 coupon from Kroger?

Ginger said...

It was a limited offer, so if you are not getting the prompt, I am guessing that it is no longer available. :(