Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FREE Baked Spaghetti from Fazolis

Head on over to facebook and "like" Fazoli's page, then print off a coupon for a free baked spaghetti with the purchse of a side salad and drink!   This coupon expires on Feb. 10th.  Enjoy!! 


Andrea said...

I wish so many freebies weren't from FB. I deactivated my account and am not getting another one. It's kinda like FB makes it so everyone has to be on there to get a deal. I know a bit over-dramatic. LOL :) Enjoy all the free spaghetti. :)

Robin said...

I agree Andrea I just told my husband that I wish I could get all the great deals on Facebook but don't want to open an account again. After almost getting a virus on Facebook its not worth it.

Ginger said...

I know of some people that make up a facebook account for only the good deals! They don't accept friends. You can even make up a fake name!

Also, if you both want a few of these coupons, I will print you some. The print limit is unlimited!

Andrea said...

Thanks Ginger, but that's ok. My husband is the one who likes their baked spaghetti, he can use his FB account to get it, hahahaha.

But, has anyone had problems printing from coupons.com? twice last week I was going to print and it would only print 1 coupon. even though I had about 6 clicked to print, and it wasn't ones that I had printed. The yogurt was one of them. Just wouldn't print. :/