Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Geyer's/Hawkins deals for January 22nd - January 28th

Here are a few deals for Geyers this week!  Geyers will double coupons up to $0.50.  Check with your local store for coupon limits!  There are 3 Geyers/Hawkins locations......South Diamond St., Mansfield, - Lexington Ave., Lexington, - Claremont, Ashland, Ohio!

Smith's Gallon Milk 1 gal (includes Chocolate) - $2.50
- $0.40/1 printable
or - $0.40/1  Smith's Cash Cow coupon book
or - $0.45/1 (Chocolate Milk only) Smith's Cash Cow coupon book
Final cost - $1.70 (White Milk) or $1.60 (Chocolate Milk)

Smith's Sour Cream or Dips (French Onion or Chili Con Queso) - $1.67
- b1g1 free (Smith's Cash Cow coupon booklet)
or - $0.25/1 Smith's Sour Cream (Smith's Cash Cow Coupon booklet)
or - - $0.30/1 Smith's Dips (Smith's Cash Cow Coupon booklet)
or - - $0.50/1 printable - Smith's Natural Sour Cream (if included in sale)
Final cost - $0.67, $0.84, $1.07, or $1.17 ea!

Ruggles Fudge, Ice Cream, Orange or Crunch Bars - 6-12 ct - $2.89
- $0.40/1 (Smith's Cash Cow Coupon booklet)
Final cost - $2.09

No Yolk Noodles - $2.00
- $0.40/1 (11-06-11 SS)
Final cost - $1.20 ea.

Ball Park Franks - b1g1 free
(There is a $1.00/2 printable coupon from Facebook, however, I am not sure if Geyers will let you use a coupon on a free item)

John Morrell Off the Bone Lunchmeats - b1g1 free

If you see any other great deals at Geyers, let us all know!


Andrea said...

Does anyone know the coupon limit for the Geyers down in Lexington? Thanks in advance. :)

Ginger said...

I do not know.....I hope someone else can help you! Sorry :(

Andrea said...

I will ask next time I am down there. Kids have lessons in Lex so figured I could check out their deals. :)

Margaret said...

I called Geyers in Lexington to get their coupon policy. They said you could use 4 coupons of the same brand. I am assuming this means that you could buy 4 milk but also use coupons for other Smith items. The coupons can be internet coupons but they must be a manufacturers coupon, must scan at the register and be legible and not expired. Hope this helps you. God Bless..

Margaret said...

Also, I stopped by yesterday and was able to use the Ball Park Franks $1.00/2 coupon on the b1g1 free coupon on 2 franks. Also, the head lettuce at .88 is a good deal. Ginger, thanks for a great job. I got the booklets yesterday. Thanks again and God bless..

Ginger said...

Thanks Margaret for getting the coupon info for the Lex. Geyers! You are right on the interpretation too!!

Do you remember how much the hot dogs were after the coupon? I am glad they let you use the coupon with the b1g1 free!

Thanks for purchasing the booklets from me, and thanks for the kind words!! :)

Margaret said...

The regular price on the Ball Park Franks is 3.99 so they were 1.50 each after the coupon.
Thanks again. God Bless..

Andrea said...

Thank you Margaret, I completely forgot to walk down there last night. :/ But now I have something to do while I am down there. LOL

Robin said...

Ok so I am not trying to be ugly but Geyer's on Diamond really needs some training in customer service appreciation. Seems like every time I go there I have a grouchy cashier, very unfriendly there. The young man in the meat department was really nice but the man who was the cashier was very unfriendly, almost as if my coupons were a nuisance and my presence was just plain unwanted. Now I realize it was 8:30 in the morning but really mister go to bed earlier if you just cant handle mornings. Lol

I go there some times after I drop Rebecca off at school or before I pick her up if I need a loaf of bread or something and I have not had a good experience yet.

But I will say I didn't mind paying 1.60 for a gallon of chocolate milk!!!

Margaret said...

I haven't had a bad experience yet at the Geyer's in Lexington. The cashiers are always pleasant and never seem to mind taking my coupons. They are always very helpful if I have any questions and the deli department is great too. I really like there coupon policy too. Have a great day.. God Bless..Margaret