Saturday, January 7, 2012

Possibly 6 coupon inserts for Sunday, January 8th!!

WOW, tomorrow is definately going to be a day that you want to buy extra papers!!   According to the Sunday Coupon Preview, there will be 6 coupon inserts in the paper tomorrow.

  • 1-8 RedPlum Coupon Preview

  • 1-8 Smarsource Coupon Preview Insert 1 & 2

  • 1-8 General Mills Coupon Preview

  • 1-8 Target Johnson & Johnson Coupon Preview

  • 1-8 Walmart Coupon Preview

  • I really hope we get all 6 of these inserts!  I have never seen a Walmart Coupon insert, so this will be interesting!!   Check back with me tomorrow and let me know if you get all 6!


    Robin said...

    YIPEE!!!! My coupons are about to fall off the shelf I have so many stacked up, uncut, maybe these will even out the stack and it won't fall. LOL Really. need. to. get. organized. :o)

    Andrea said...

    On Target's site where you pint coupons there is a banner called bodega.. You click the banner and some coupons that are not the main page come up, and you can text bodega to... 827438 and get them on your phone. I had not seen this banner before today so thought I would share the info. :)

    Ginger said...

    Robin, I know what you mean.....maybe we should have a coupon cutting party!! Oh well....I know we will get organized some day! ha ha!!

    Andrea, I will check that out! Thanks!