Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where to find cheap baseball card sleeves to hold coupons??

A few people have asked me, "Where do you find the baseball card sleeves for the coupon binders?".   I always told them I find them at Walmart, but when Amanda commented on my blog about Target having them, I thought I would do a little research and let you know where else they are carried. 

Walmart - you can find them where the baseball cards are sold.  I think they come in a package of 60 and cost around $9.00.  (I will try to check on the price today.)  The price is a packet of 35 for $5.77

Target - carries them - package of 36 for $4.99 at Target.  They are near the check lanes before you go into the grocery aisles.  (Thanks Amanda!!)

Ebay - search ebay, they have a variety of baseball card sleeves.  You can purchase 2000 of them for $12.99 shipped!  Of course, you can also purchase lower amounts. 

Kim has found them at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 (not sure how many) and Courtney said Meijer has them for the same price at Target!  Thanks girls!!


kim said...

ginger, i found them at the $ tree by walmart. didn't have a whole lot, but i got them 10 for $1

Courtney said...

My Walmart has 35 pack for $5.77 & my Target and Meijer have 30 packs for $4.99.

cozmicmom said...

the dollar tree by walmart in mansfield sells a pack of 10 for $1

Anonymous said...

Meijer's has a 3" binder with 100 pages included for $14.99 (last time I bought one)

Jaclyn said...

I work at Dollar Tree and you can get a ten pack for $1.00. They are by register 4 and on an endcap on a clipstrip.