Sunday, March 27, 2011

Columbus Dispatch Renewal

Hey all!!  I just wanted to jump on here and let you all know that the Dispatch is back up for renewal.  I need to know TODAY if you want to renew/change your subscritpion.  If you are interested in starting a new subscription, here are the details.  It is a 20 weeks commitment @ 99 cents per week.  I charge a small fee for handling.

1 subscription  - $21.00
2 subscriptions - $42.00
3 subscriptions - $63.00
4 subscriptions - $84.00
and so on......

The papers are delivered to my house, and I live in East Mansfield, so you will need to arrange to pick it up from me!  This is a great deal, so let me know if you are interested!!  Talk to you soon!!


Brandy P said...

Could you provide me with your promo code? Do you remember it? I had it at .99 a week but they keep hiking my subscription price for the last year. I'm now paying $12.98 a month! They said if I can give them a current promo code they will lower it to that price

Deborah said...

I live in Columbus and would love to know a code so I could subscribe on the cheap as well!

Ginger said...

Sorry Deborah, the code I have is no longer valid. I hope you can find another one! Sorry.