Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rolling my Walgreen's Register Rewards part 2

I went back to Walgreens today to roll my rewards on a few more things, and here is what I did. 

1st transaction:

2 Got2B styling products - $10.00
2 Trident Vitality Gum - $2.00
1 Laffy Taffy - $0.10 - filler item
Total = $12.10 plus tax

Coupons I used:

- $4.00 Register Reward from last transaction
- $1.00 Register Reward from last transaction
- (2) $2.00/1 Got2B from April All You.  (I only get 1 magazine, but I asked my sister in law for the 2nd coupon to do the deal, and she wasn't going to use it, so she said yes!!  Ask around if you need a 2nd coupon.  You never know....someone may not be using it!) (Thanks Stacy!!)
- bogo gum coupon - register took $1.00 off
- $0.50/2 gum coupon from April savings book
Total oop - $1.60, plus $0.68 I received a $5.00 Register Reward!

***Not sure if I covered this, but you must have 1 item per coupon.  If you do not, your last coupon will not go through the register.  If that happens, just grab an inexpensive filler item.  In-ad or savings book coupons do not count in that total.

2nd transaction:

1 Luster Toothpaste  - $4.99
1 Carefree product - $0.99
1 Dawn dish soap - $0.99
3 Laffy Taffy - $0.30 - filler item - Remember, you can choose any filler item you want, just make it inexpensive.
Total = $7.27, plus tax

Coupons I used:

- $5.00 Register Reward from above transaction
- $1.50 Luster toothpaste
- $0.50 Carefree coupon - this coupon beeps, but it is the correct coupon.  The cashier will have to put it in manually
- $0.25 Dawn Coupon
Total oop = $0.02, plus $0.47 tax,  plus I received a $4.00 Register Reward and a $1.00 Register Reward to spend next week.

I want to explain the filler item a little better.  Not only do you need a filler item for the coupon/product ratio.  You also need a filler item if your subtotal is in the negative.  If you notice, my subtotal before the $0.30 laffy taffy would have been a negative -$0.27.  I learned today that Walgreen's registers will not allow manufacture coupons to "eat" the tax, so you must make sure your subtotal is in the positive.  (that was the reason for me to give my register reward 1st so the manufacture coupons will take care of the tax, but apparently I was wrong!)  To make sure you always have your subtotal in the positive.  Add up your items in your cart, subtract your Register Rewards and your manufacture coupons, and that will be your subtotal. 

So for my total out of pocket for Walgreens this week is $4.24 and I have a $4.00 Register Reward and a $1.00 Register Reward to "roll" next week.

Stay tuned.....I will be doing a series on CVS and Rite-Aid, just like I am doing Walgreens.  I just haven't been able to hit all the stores yet.

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