Friday, October 14, 2011

Aldi deals starting October 20th! - Grand Opening!!

Don't forget that the new Aldi's is having their Grand Opening on October 20th.  I just received the ad that is only for our new location.  I am going to guess that you can find the ad in the Mansfield News Journal this Sunday.  Here are some of the deals in the ad.........

Friendly Farms Milk 1 gallon - $1.99

Whole Pineapple - $0.99 ea.

Red Grapes - $0.89 lb. - $1.78 per 2lb package

Eggs - 1 dozen - $0.99

Plus, there is a coupon at the bottom of the ad - $5.00/$30.00 purchase. - limit one per family!   The above deals are good through October 29th.


Ashley said...

Does Aldi's accept coupons or is it generally off brand items?

Ginger said...

No, they don't accept coupons, but a lot of their staple items are cheaper. I am hoping to go Thursday when they open and check out prices!!