Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meijer Super Saturday Sale - October 15th

Be sure to clip these coupons from your mPerks account before you head out to shop today!!  Also, I have not been able to get to Meijer to get prices, nor will I be able to go out until later tonight, so if someone goes out today, maybe you can let us know how much these prices are!!  Thanks!!!

Pure Protein Single Serve Bars - b2g3 FREE
- b1g1 FREE  (10-2-11 RP)-use 2 coupons
Final cost - ??   - You will only pay for 2 bars, and get 5 free

Meijer Cooked Tail on Shrimp 50-60 ct pkg. frozen - $5.49
- 10% off mPerks
Final cost - $4.94

6 pk. bottles 7UP, A&W Rootbeer, Sunkist or 8 pk Pepsi or Mt. Dew products - b2g2 FREE

Fresh Apple Cider 1 gallon - $2.50

Sunbeam or Soft n gold twin pack bread - $1.99

Brawny Paper Towels 2 giant - 50% off - $1.80 (this was the price from the sale back in August. so I am not sure if this price is 100% accurate!)
- $0.50 (8-14-11 RP)
Final cost - $0.80 = $0.40 a roll

Quilted Northern Tissue paper - 50% off - $2.30 ea. (this was the price form the sale back in August, so I a not sure if this price is 100% accurate!)

All Liquid Laundry Detergent - $4.99
- $1.00/1 (10-2-11 RP)
Final cost - $3.99

Be sure to check out the whole ad here!!


sstreib1120 said...

Are any of these deals stock up prices?

sstreib1120 said...

I guess I am specifically wondering about the ALL detergent. We have a coupon for a dollar off and that makes it 3.99 for 100 oz. Seems pretty good to me, but I am not sure???

Anonymous said...

Brawny Paper Towels are 50% off of a 2 pack roll making them $1.79. I had several $.50 off coupons (which double of course) making them $.79 a pack!

Quilted Northeren toilet paper is also 50% off I believe final price was $2.19 for a 6 pack roll.

Campbells microwavable soups are 10/10 and there were $.50 off of 2 in last Sunday's paper! Great stock up prices!! I saved $93.16 today at Meijer!

Purchase $15.00 of Soft Soap, Colgate, Advil and or Robutussin and get $5.00 of instantly. I had coupons for all the products I bought plus got the $5.00 off instantly!!

Anonymous said...

UP2U Gum is .99; coupons for $1.00 off making them free were offered a while back also!

Ginger said...

sstreib1120 --- I am sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. We were at soccer all day, and didn't get home until later last night. For the future, the All laundry soap was a very good deal. Especially since it was the 100 oz. My price point for laundry soap is $2.00 or less for 50 oz.

Ginger said...

Anonymous, thanks for all of your information!